Team Como

We're stepping up for our young people!

This Mental Health Week, we're challenging ourselves to step up for mental health and suicide prevention. We're inspired by the life-changing work of Youth Focus and want to support the cause by participating in Walk for Me.

Please help us support Youth Focus by donating using the 'Give Now' button. Please also spread the word by sharing our page with your friends, family and colleagues. Together, we can save young lives.

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Keep walking




Madison Merrett


Greg Brumby



Go Team Como!



Better put a bit of money where my mouth is! I’ll donate another $25 when it gets to $100!


Kirsten Romany

Alright supporters I will donate $25 to each of my team members if my personal goal is reached. Feel free to donate to them too if I get to $300!


Tayah Lawrence


Warren Mason

Good luck with your walk, hope you reach your goal .



Thank goodness for Youth Focus and all the young people they have helped support. And thank God for you Robs, and all the ways you have loved and supported young people ❤️


Wayne Burman

Great cause. Well done.


Karen Hinds


Victoria Borlase

Awesome K Roms ❤️