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I'm stepping up for youth mental health!

October is Mental Health month and the 10th of October is World Mental Health Day. 

The Mental Health Week in Western Australia runs from 10 - 17 October and the theme this year is: 

*Strengthening Our Community – Live, Learn, Work, Play*

I welcome you all to boost the mental wellbeing in your communities by: 

• Encouraging each of us to support and look out for one another;

• Promoting mental health literacy and self-care tips;

• Raising awareness of mental health issues and reducing the stigma associated with seeking support.

In my attempt to raise awareness about mental health, I have chosen to support the ‘Walk For Me - Step Up for Youth Mental Health’ to prevent / reduce suicides in young people. Did you know 49 young people between the age of 15 and 24 died of suicide in 2018. 

So I am stepping up to achieve 73 km in 1 week for youth mental health and support Youth Focus.  

I would love for you to join me this October and/or show your support by sharing my page ❤️

If you would like to help Youth Focus financially, please donate by using the 'Give Now' button. 

Thank you, 

Jeena 😘

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Saturday 17th Oct
With just 1 day to go, there's even more motivation to make every step count. I will be pushing myself as hard as I can on this final day. 

Overall this last week has been so enjoyable. Knowing our team members are making an impact in their circles about mental health issues is quite inspirational. 
There has been great banter and this event has really boosted our own mental well being - well needed in these unprecedented times. 


Thursday 8th Oct
I love how a few of us at work has got together for this challenge with the hope of making a change for our future and break the stigma about mental health. 

Love the energy. Let’s step it up team!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Paul Oakley

Great work in promoting awareness of this issue!


Maryam Vahmani

Good luck Jeena. Love your soul 👍🏻



almost there :)


Vinanadawatee Sunnassee

Hi well done and keep striving


Shastry Natesen

Hi Shal. Well done..


Nys & Pas

Great initiative!


Eibhlin Marsh

Great cause Jeena! Good luck. xx


Rudy Chedembrum


Jennifer Mckenna



Well done Jeena!


Dave & Vicky

Keep it up!


Susan Watson


Jeena S


Krish Sunnassee

Great work and initiative! Hope you are keeping the pace :)


Joyce Man