Allira Sampson

Stepping up for Mental health awareness

This Mental Health Week, I'm challenging myself to walk for mental health and suicide prevention. I'm inspired by the life-changing work of Youth Focus and want to support the cause by participating in Walk for Me.

After loosing Toby as well as Bandit this year it has become even more obvious how much further we have to go to lifting the stigma around mental health and reaching out for support, especially within the male population. No one should ever feel it is weak to speak on these topics, no one should ever feel isolated and alone in their battle. Getting help is one of the strongest things you could ever do for yourself and your loved ones.

This cause is extremely close to my heart so please if you can spare any change help me support Youth Focus by donating using the 'Give Now' button.

Please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends, family and colleagues.

Together, we can spread this important message and hopefully in turn save young lives.

My Achievements

My pledge to walk for mental health

Uploaded a photo

Shared my page

Received first donation

Halfway to fundraising goal

Achieved fundraising goal

25% of KM goal

50% of KM goal

75% of KM goal

Completed challenge

Thank you to my Sponsors






My beautiful Allira , spreading nothing but live and light into this world. ❤️


Gareth Williams

You're a good egg Leary


Dad & Lisa

Well done bub x



Inspiring! Let's go for a walk soon!


Denise Munro

Happy to see you reaching your Goals. X


Levi Reichelt

Love your work Allira! I’ll be hitting the kms at work alongside you girls :)


Lorry Sands

Such a great cause ,hope you reach your goals


Cindy Hoehn

Great cause, good on you <3





Simon Johnson


Abbi Coleman

Your strength doesn’t go unnoticed xx


Allira Sampson


Brett Sarapung


Carlos Monterrosa


Ashlee Ferguson



Sallie Sampson

Love always 💞


Bonnie Blewitt

You are strength personified dear girl. Proud to be your friend. Proud of the person you are and I’m wholeheartedly behind you on this. Love you xx


Alison Barndon


Lachy Yates

love you sis


Ritu Pandey

Hope you reach your goal for this wonderful cause. Best wishes from Alice Springs


Reece Boercamp


Melissa Bresnahan



Liam Macfarlanr


Alaina Rogers

Love you sweeet thing ❤️


Vickki Trigwell

Such a good cause, I hope you reach your goal :)


Ashleigh Burstein

A great cause. Well done on exceeding your goal


Shelley Rigby

Great work Allira.... amazing effort so far!