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Hi All,

This Mental Health Week, I'm challenging myself to walk for mental health and suicide prevention. I'm inspired by the life-changing work of Youth Focus and want to support the cause by participating in Walk for Me.

I have been suffering with mental health for quite sometime now…I think  10+ years, I used to be ashamed about it but now I have accepted it.

Mental health can hit you all of a sudden, for example:  It’s the middle of the day, you’re surrounded by friends and the sun is out. But something isn’t right. There is this feeling, a very uncomfortable feeling in your mind, in the pit of your stomach. You want to leave and go somewhere that is quiet and dark. You are being consumed. Consumed by your own thoughts. So dark and so horrid, you are afraid. It’s wrecking you from the inside out.

But what can you do? Suffer? That’s what many of us do and did. But sometimes the suffering gets too much. You can’t handle the darkness that’s pulling you into an eternal abyss and you decide that the only way to stop the darkness is to join it. 

That feeling you have in the pit of your stomach when you are about to do something that makes you nervous? That’s how anxiety feels. It’s how living with a mental illness feels. It runs our lives and we can’t stop it. Admitting to someone that you have a problem is probably the hardest thing to do. Admitting to my fiancé that I have  Mental Health was one of the biggest things I have done in my life where I was not lying to myself.

Now, you might ask, where am I going with this? Well, No matter what the illness, no one is ever alone, no matter how lonely it seems. All those suffering deep inside, pushing those feelings to the back of your brain, the bottom of your heart, please keep on living. Please remember that no matter how distant your future may seem, no matter how distant love may seem, it will always be there. Never lose hope; I know it’s easy to. We are rocks in a sea of chaos; we cannot let every storm knock us around. We simply mustn’t.

Please help me support Youth Focus by donating using the 'Give Now' button.

Please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends, family and colleagues.

Together, we can save young lives.

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Saturday 16th Oct
Big thanks to everyone who sponsored.

Sending love.


Thank you to my Sponsors


Mum & Dad Ferre

Adam Fantastic Cause You are one special person Love mum and Dad



You better walk more than 100km 🤣


Adam Ferre


Grayson Hadlow-quirk

Go my guy. Always there for you.


Captain Damage

$1 / km. Don't let me down, son.


Jodi O

Well done Adam, what a great achievement! 👏🏼


Tawanda Chitsike


Levi Genders

Good effort mate Keep up the positive attitude and keep challenging yourself


Teagan Fraser

Good job mate!


Dale Farrell

Go get em champ!!



Go Get Em! I have such faith in you! You continue to grow all the time. You got this!


Terise Dimacali


Jodie Cornock

Alot of courage writing this - you are stronger than you realize! You will “Ace” the 100!



It's so great that you're doing this, Adam! You'll finish the 100km in 3 days hahaha


Sally Drummond

Great cause! Good on you.. Hope you and Salita are well xx


Sarah Fulford

Good luck!