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I'm stepping up for youth mental health!

This Mental Health Week, I'm challenging myself to step up for mental health and suicide prevention. I'm inspired by the life-changing work of Youth Focus and want to support the cause by participating in Walk for Me.

Please help me support Youth Focus by donating using the 'Give Now' button. Please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends, family and colleagues. Together, we can save young lives.

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Thank you!

Sunday 18th Oct
Thanks to all who donated to Youth Focus!

Personally I achieved my goals, which was to push myself and to raise awareness for Mental Health

Had some interesting conversations during the week, now just have to keep the dialogue going :)

Thanks again!

100% - but keep going...

Thursday 15th Oct
Well, I have achieved what I thought was a realistic goal for me with my ankle and all :)

I thought I could do 12km a day for the week to reach 84km, instead I have been doing closer to 16km, so I have therefore reached what I set out to do much faster...

But like anything in life you don't just stop, you keep going :) 

So now I have changed my targets, going for 100km as a nice round number :) 

Thanks to those that have donated to this worthy cause, it is appreciated and motivated me on to keep pushing through !

It's not obvious!

Wednesday 14th Oct
Mental health is not something that is obvious, you can't see it, you can't look at someone and know what they are thinking! People are complicated and there is no crystal ball to see clearly :(

But what you can do is ask - open a dialog - reach out to someone and just let them know that someone is in their corner, that genuinely cares

The problem is with youth, they are so good at hiding things! They put on a happy face (don't we all though!) but they bottle things up, festering, until there comes a point where things explode!

Having services like Youth Focus available that can help kids etc just talk it through is invaluable - someone that can understand, that can say the right things, or simply listen

There are many things that can affect mental health, lots of them are not visible, but never be afraid to ask or kick yourself if the signs aren't obvious - but always let others know you are there if they need you and that you don't judge!

Over half way to my goal

Tuesday 13th Oct
I set out to do 84km over Mental Health week, so far at 51km so on target 

To those that have donated to Youth Focus I thank you - there needs to be more awareness and understanding made about the challenges facing the youth of today, so the right support for them can be available.

I look at social media posts out there where someone, usually totally random, feels they have the right to not just judge someone else, but to then make derogatory comments!

Why is it that in society we feel we have to tear others down in an attempt to make ourselves feel better, rather than just focusing on improving ourselves and supporting each other? Is it simply because it is so easy to do, to hide behind anonymity and fake profiles so people don't see the real you?

It is so scary to hear kids say that they have felt bullied, not normal, useless, worthless, that they have felt like that for YEARS without others knowing!

How can that be the new normal, that the youth of today have no feeling of self-worth when they haven't even had the chance to shine???

So that's some of the reasons I am walking, to support Youth Focus in helping all young people see that they are normal, that they are beautiful, they their opinions matter!

Thanks again to those that have supported me so far, I personally appreciate each and every one of you :)

It's a start...

Monday 12th Oct
Managed 34km over weekend as a start - my ankle is killing me (but it does always hahaha) and sometimes it was literally just a struggle to take the next step - but that's what this walk is about for me, taking one step at a time, one foot in front of the other.

There is no magic cure for Mental Health Issues - I feel we all just have to accept that it is real, that even though you cannot see what is going on with someone, it doesn't mean they are not in pain.

Personally I set myself goals to achieve, like this event for Youth Focus - I set a target and just take one step at a time until I achieve it - but we all need good support for this to happen!

Having services like Youth Focus available for the young that are facing issues or simply facing life, that just need someone to talk to that wont judge them, or just need to hear that there is nothing wrong with the way they feel, to me that is very important.

To Youth Focus, keep up the good work, one step then another!

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